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Dr. Pedro Montoya (born 1963 in Algeciras) is Full Professor (Catedratico) of Biological Psychology at the University of the Balearic Islands. He received his Psychology degree from Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain) in 1986, and his PhD degree from the University of Munich (Germany) in 1993. He has worked as researcher and lecturer at German and American universities (USA, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil). His main research and publications are focused on brain activity during cognitive and emotional processing in chronic pain patients. His current interests include the study of brain networks involved in pain, emotional and cognitive processing. His research projects are usually funded by grants from Spanish agencies as the Ministry of Science and Innovation, Ministry of Health and the Balearic Government. He has published several scientific articles and chapter books on fibromyalgia syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, phantom limb pain and pain in individuals with cerebral palsy. Basically, his research has shown that chronic pain may cause significant changes in brain function. Currently, he is conducting a research project in healthy subjects and patients with chronic pain to test if individuals are able of learning to self-regulate their brain activity by using neurofeedback training and, consequently, to reduce their pain symptoms. Ongoing collaborative research projects are also focused on examining brain dynamics in chronic pain patients by using fMRI (Dr. Dante R. Chialvo, UCLA, & CONICET-Argentina) and EEG data (Dr. Jose Garcia Vivas Miranda, Federal University of Bahia, Salvador, Brazil).

He has extensive teaching experience in all areas of Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience, Physiological Psychology, Psychophysiology, General Psychology and Neuroimaging at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. He has also supervised numerous dissertations and masters' theses at the University of Balearic Islands (Spain) and the Eberhard-Karls University of Tübingen (Germany). Currently, he is Guest Professor at the Institute of Health Sciences (Dr. Abrahao Fontes Baptista) of the Federal University of Bahia (Salvador, Brazil) and at the Institute for Medical Psychology and Behavioral Neurobiology (Prof. Dr. Niels Birbaumer) of the University of Tübingen (Germany).

In 2011, he co-founded BIPSIN SL, a Spanish technology-based start-up company with expertise in genetic analysis services, health and behavioural research. The company was awarded with the National XVII Young entrepreneurs Bancaja Prize (2011).


Chronic pain and brain activity

University of Balearic Islands 2000 - Current

figure The major aim of this research line is to analyze the brain activity in chronic pain patients using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and EEG. The underlying hypothesis is that chronic pain is characterized by plastic changes of the nervous system. Our experimental design pursues to demonstrate the existence of abnormal pattern in the brain processing of somatic information in chronic pain patients. In addition, we are interested on the influence of cognitive and affective factors on brain plastic changes. Three patients groups with similar sociodemographic, but different clinical characteristics are examined: fibromyalgia, complex regional pain syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis. Brain activity is recorded during nociceptive and non-nociceptive stimulation using fMRI. In addition, psychological characteristics of pain, neuropsychological functioning and pain thresholds are examined. This research is funded by the Spanish Ministerio de Educacion y Ciencia and European Regional Development Funds (FEDER) (grants PSI2013-48260, PSI2010-19372, SEJ2007-62312, SEJ2004-01332, BSO2001-0693), the Regional Government of the Balearic Islands, and the private foundation La Marato TV3.

Affective processing and emotional disorders

University of Balearic Islands 2000 - Current

This research focuses on physiological changes elicited by processing of affective stimuli and stress. For this purpose, we use recordings of cardiovascular and hemodynamic activity, as well as measures of skin conductance, electromyography and brain activity.



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